Beast of Silence

Beast of Silence

there's a silence
that comes
in life
and love
when most things
have been said
and enough
about ourselves
and our world
and our lives
are known

there's a silence
that comes
that we accept
as a blessing
a reward
a peaceful night's sleep
we reject it
for fear
unwilling to accept
that there's nothing else left
but the silence

in fear
or foolishness
we destroy
the silence
with vacant words
usually of us
to make something
out of the nothing
of our silence

making something
out of nothing
out of the absence
of noise
all along
from nothing
can only come

we do it anyway
extinguishing the silence
the coolness
of evening
for the comforting
of day
when everybody else
comes out
to destroy
their silence

suspicious and dreadful 
of the night
we conquer
we vanquish
the beast and burden
the creature of silence
with the pitchforks
and torches
of our endless prattle

for ceaseless 
empty chatter
the mob
never pauses
to think
since all that's left
if they ever stop mobbing
is the silence
so fear

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