I live outside Cincinnati and I write a lot of stuff, mostly serious literary fiction in the form of short stories and some social satire too. Lately I’ve even jumped into poetry (gag) but it’s been kinda cool – sort of a reflexive, far less calculated/crafted regurgitation of emotion/intellect than what stories require. Like a child’s tantrum – a purer/more honest expression of thought and emotion(?) – as opposed to a carefully crafted essay that tries to express similar sentiments and ideas. Anyway, be gentle, please. I never wanted to be the poetry type – the pretentious poetry slammer vainly going on and on about their feelings, the environment, politics, etc. But here I am…doing it. Shit. Oh well, at least nobody cares.

If you read any of my stuff and you like it, please share it on Facebook or Twitter or reddit or wherever the hell else things get shared. Share it on PornHub if ya want – it’s better than nothing (Just not the prego porn section. Even I have scruples.). Or follow me here.

And finally, thanks for taking the time to pay attention. I know, respect and appreciate that it doesn’t come cheap.