2.13.18 mrobin71’s deviant and muddled thinking (part 2): Petersonians like Zan and Jayna


So after a morning bout of acute mental bullshit about Trump and expired mac ‘n cheese and ideologists bein’ like superheroes, I got to thinking that last part’s kinda what Dr. Jordan B. Peterson’s game is with all his Jungian archetypes and archetypal stories, right? Like the Fantastic Four are archetypal heroes (the wise and virtuous and controlled rationalist in Mr. Fantastic (in real life personified by Sam Harris); the hot tempered Torch and the dim-witted and brutish but kind hearted Thing) with Doctor Doom as the neo-Marxists or SJW’s  out to destroy the world (or culture). Same simple-minded, us versus them, good guy versus bad guy bullshit, right?

Now I know there’s gotta be some that take offense to being pegged an ideological nitwit just cause they hold 95% of the same beliefs as the rest of your herd, imagining that other 5% puts ya above the nonsense but I got you folks pegged too. See, you can’t fool me with all your sophisticated dogshit of you being Herbie the Robot instead of The Torch or your claim that Dragon Man, not Doom, was the real nemesis – that that sorta thinkin’ somehow puts you outside the ideological bubble of FF sainthood.

So what if all these archetypal stories the good Doc’s pushing (Dr. Peterson that is, not Doctor Doom) aren’t much different than a buncha comic book nonsense? Then Dr. Peterson, in essence, is telling us to lead comic book lives. Fantasy lives. And if Petersonians are comic book characters, which heroes are they? Then it comes to me, they’re the Alpha-Lobster version of Zan and Jayna (pardon the skipping between Marvel and DC). And instead of fist bumping with a declaration of “Wonder Twin Power Active!!!!! to trigger their powers of air and water,  for the Petersonians it’s a clashing of lobster claws with a declaration of “Petersonian Powers Activate!!!!!!” to do battle against Black Manta and Gorilla Grod. I mean, trans activists and neo-Marxists.

Awright, enough of this bullshit.

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