mrobins71’s Incel and MGTOW Magic Fuck Potion

Incels and MGTOWs: Stop whining and start balling with mrobins71’s Magic Fuck Potion (aka Spanish Fly)!!!!


Only $14.99 per bottle. Just a drop in her drink and she’ll swoon at your inner Chad. Become the hero of both your dreams NOW!!!!!! Turns a Stacy on better than money.

Forget about a decent job or social skills or realistic self-awareness. There’s no need for that with mrobins71’s Magic Fuck Potion. Guaranteed to make her act like you’re more handsome or make more money or have a better personality than you do OR YOUR MONEY BACK!!!!!!!

Works on men and women or yourself.

“If I can’t get a date to spike her drink, I just put a drop in my beer and jerk off in the mirror. It’s awesome since nobody loves me more than me anyway.” –  James Patsy a.k.a. TheUselessPecker on Reddit

Odorless and tasteless. Conceals easily for creepers at the bar. Quantities limited. While supplies last.



*Guarantee applies to delusional thoughts of self-grandeur. No enhancement of sexual performance suggested or implied.

**mrobins71’s Magic Fuck Potion and/or Spanish Fly is not a nutritional or athletic supplement. Enhancement or enlargement of muscles or organs not guaranteed or implied.

***mrobins71’s Magic Fuck Potion and/or Spanish Fly may contain soy estrogens.

****If erogenous zones tingle for greater than 4 hours, consult a physician or medical professional.

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