David Pakman Trolls JLP on Live Debate


Liberal/democratic socialist/Jew and American turncoat David Pakman appeared on conservative and idiot savant Jesse Lee Peterson’s live debate wearing Nike sneakers. How he sneaked such an obvious dog whistle of anti-American sentiment and loathing of law enforcement on the stream remains a mystery.

When asked how Pakman got away with it, Peterson mumbled, “Well, you know them Jews. They’re awful underhanded and unscrupulous. I mean, who’s surprised, really?” For the record, Pakman states that he was born Jewish but never practiced.

There was previous history between Pakman and Peterson. Pakman was thrown off a previous episode of TheFallenState for, according to Peterson, “not answering the question” and “because I (Peterson) asked you where you were going and you told me where you’d been.” Astute observes noted that this was a far less than abstruse touché of dog whistling from Peterson, riffing on the silver tonged Jewish devilishness of his guest without forthrightly calling him a lying or conniving or slippery Jew.

When asked if he thought the Nike controversy was all part of a vast Jewish conspiracy, Peterson said, “I’m not saying it is but I’m not saying it ain’t either.”

When asked if his response might be somewhat obscure itself, Peterson hung up the phone.

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