Video: A Journey Through the Bowels of Jordan Peterson’s Phenomenology

As if the world’s soul-crushing indifference to this writing wasn’t enough, I decided to test the tolerance of the internet with a video production which, to date, has only accumulated 25 views in over a month. Thanks goes to YouTube for reaffirming the pathetic lack of resonance of ALL my work.

This is my 42 minute surrealist magnum opus – a psychological deep-dive into Professor Jordan B. Peterson’s phenomenology featuring The Ramones, beef, Pinocchio, lobsters, lobotomy and shock therapy, pornography, spinning rats, John Wayne and much, much more.

Warning: video contains graphic content of rodent extermination and Lena Dunham naked and one of those swirling hypnosis graphics that might induce seizures.

This video expounds on ideas presented in previous writing found here:

YouTube informs me the video may be restricted in certain countries due to a copywrite claim, though I suspect the censorship has more to due with naked Lena Dunham, rodent extermination or the abject insipidness of the whole project.

One thought on “Video: A Journey Through the Bowels of Jordan Peterson’s Phenomenology

  1. I guess I’m not media artistically oriented in my way of apprehending meaning. Lol. I don’t have the patience for that kind of abstract presentation.😄 maybe is I had more time. But the title was a tractive and I wanted to know what your analysis of Petersons phenomenology was. But I just simply don’t have the time or the patience to sit through and process such visual information.

    I wish I did. But it may be two or three years before I have that kind of time at least.


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