Hypersensitivity (also called hypersensitivity reaction or intolerance) refers to undesirable reactions produced by the normal immune system, including allergies and autoimmunity.


sensitive or not
most of us
are at least hypersensitive
to this thing
the anxiety
the inflammation
it triggers
that by itself
should have been 

suppressing anxiety
with the calamine
of noble arguments
of the greater good
the scaredy-cat 
the declawed feline
turned altruist
the convenient ally
of mankind
in its time of need
his nitwit nemesis
initial sensitivity
a don't-give-a-fuck
dim bulb 
disregarding reality
based on emotions
too dull
too dim
to direct his attention
or ratchet the aperture
of his idiotic

either way
for the already sensitive
becoming hypersensitive
to the cycle jumper
and rocketeer
fucking around
jumping his bike
over crowds
instead of buses
or fjords
like he did

of the foolhardy
a few 
a genuine thrill
kicking danger in the balls
but most
just feeling dull
toward the threat
with the real thrill
what the hypersensitive
on the other side
tell him to do
this daredevil
this fistfighter
this alleycat
this defier
kicking the already sensitive
in the balls
with his callous
for everybody else
but especially

a cascading effect
of sensitive
to hypersensitive
affecting another organ
from organ to organ
from organs 
to the organism
once healthy
then redlined
to hypersensitivity too
this thing
once foreign
now us
infecting the whole
with fever
and delusion

that poor man's
evel knievel
of this pandemic
to the others
forcing his wheels
to the ground
prohibiting his stunts
in the wrong 
goddamned way
this fistfighter
for the thrill it
or calmly accepting
the necessity of a brawl
but either way
keen enough
on fisticuffs
as either fucking
or fornication
either way
far too easy
to provoke
to brawl

both sides barking
both sides hypersensitive
to this virus
the squeamish
too chickenshit to watch
let alone participate
in the wildman's stunts
while the wildmen
and contrarians
too fucking dull
too willfully
and stubbornly stupid
to ever understand
it's not only
their reckless

fools and cowards
stoking our inflammation
from the initial sensitivity
to hypersensitivity
the fools and cowards alike
bang-banging homeostasis
every orifice
every hole
rimmed and rammed and reamed
to breakdown
to hypersensitivity
when the sensitivity
from this thing
in its first stage
should have

Hypersensitivity is referred to as an over-reaction of the immune system and these reactions may be damaging, uncomfortable, or occasionally fatal.

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