Beef Stew Is All About You

Beef Stew Is All About You

you might assume
if you like beef stew
that because
you do
like everything else
you need to have
a favorite part
of the stew

it might be the beef
or the potatoes
or the carrots
or just
the gravy
you say's best
but any way
you might assume
there needs to be
that's better than
the rest

so when we talk 
about beef stew
you'll have one to pick
and give all the reasons
lots and lots of reasons
all your justifications
and insights
for the amplitude
of carrots
without ever saying
those reasons
have the most to do 
with your taste
which means
those reasons
for the loftiness of carrots
is more about you
than it is 
about them
the stew

it's not about me
you may cry
it's about the carrots!
it's about the stew!
too intoxicated
to comprehend
with the deflection
upon components
or wholes
and always
all about you

a stew
in discussion
like everything else
a stew
that would otherwise be shit
if its main component
were really you
instead of all the other ingredients
in their glorious
just as they are
as they should be

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