she was ugly
under the makeup

he said
he didn't care

it wasn't because
he loved her
regardless of being ugly

it was because
he only cared about

but she took it 
the other way
because that's the way
she needed it
to be

until she got old
and the makeup
wasn't enough
to conceal
all that was

so he left her
and she cried
how he never loved 
the real her

she cried
even though
she was everything
to his nothing
she wept
for him
and all the rest
chasing all
those other
made-up faces

he never loved her
but he felt no remorse
because he never pretended
it was only her
that ever
and that was her mistake
not his

he walked away
without regret
so easy
when the only thing
he ever loved
was the illusion
that he knew all along
wasn't real

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