Half-Price Patriotism

Half-Price Patriotism

i like my patriotism
at half-price
on july 5th
when the price of my precious
stars and stripes
gets slashed
in half

i like
my star spangled 
limited edition
red, white & blue twinkies
and ding dongs
and cupcakes
on the day after
when a whole box
is only 
compared to 
the regular price
of $2.99

i like my patriotism
at half-price
but i like it even better
when my precious
stared and striped
snack cakes
hit the manager's special bin
hopefully by the weekend
for just
99 cents
a box

some say
i like my patriotism 
but i say
over quality
so in 6 months
instead of just 3
i still got
a big stash
of star spangled 
red, white & blue twinkies
an important thing
since you can't be
a twinkie 
ding dong
or cupcake patriot
for too long
without being 
well stocked
you sure as hell
can't be a twinkie
ding dong
or cupcake patriot
all the way 
into december or january
with your snack cakes
being regular edition

so come on over
if you begin to feel
your love of country waning
come on over
later in the year
months after
the days after
you forgot about
the 4th
and we'll share a snack cake
of stars and stripes
and salute
and sing
and feel like grand

we can be
hostess pastry patriots
but the sad thing is
after the holiday
they never mark down
the stars and bars
old glory
limited edition
4th of july beer

it's a shame
cause then
we could be
drunken patriots
instead of just
cheapskate drunks
for most of 
the rest of
the year

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