he said
i'm a narcissist 
which explained why 
he was so hated
and such
an asshole

he said
i'm a narcissist
then explained
all the ways
it's fucked up 
his life

so she said
yeah, i'm a narcissist too
so i know
what it's like

she thought
it might make them closer
how the world worked
for the select

so he said
but i'm officially diagnosed
by a real psychiatrist
i got
the official
DSM-5 diagnosis
of NPD

so she said
i am too
i have the clinical diagnosis too

he said
too many people
were being diagnosed
with the disorder
making the severity of it
seem trivial

she said
it's not like a pedigree
not something
to be proud of

she added
there were incentives
to give it out
and receive it

instead of drawing them together
the revelation
of their shared condition
drew them apart
since she
was now
a reminder
that he was
a little
less special
less unique
than he used
to be

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