Big & Small

Big & Small

in terms of quantity
what bugs me most
is meaning
and all that stuff
but acutely
for the past few weeks
of equal importance
as source of consternation
is this goddamned cyst
on my head

i try to work
and write and walk
but it sits there
and throbbing
so the other day
i took a needle
and pierced it

i didn't have
any pure alcohol
but i had
a tiny
single shot jar
of unflavored
ole smokey
so i cleaned the site
i punctured and squeezed
which you're not
supposed to do
and a little blood came out
which softened it
but nothing
pussy or cheesy came out
which is what
i was hoping for

squeezing the blood out
softened it
but the next morning
there it was again
as hard and big 
as ever
and still throbbing
so i took a moist
dirty sock
warmed it in the microwave
applied it
and squeezed again

i been doing 
this routine
of hot sock
piercing and bleeding
for a few days now
and the goddamn thing
just keeps teasing
getting smaller
and softer
to return
greeting me 
in the morning
like a hard-on
as the annoying
subcutaneous nugget
it is

i only admit this
cause it isn't
only the big stuff
like meaning
and all that crap
that keeps me going

it's the little things
like a fucking
throbbing cyst
i pierce and bleed again
that won't 
go away

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