it's okay
to admit
your convictions
are little more
than educated guesses

it's okay
to admit
that the path
through an open field
was worse
in your instance
than the path
though the dark forest

it's okay
cause sometimes
unperceived threats
are out there 
in the open field too
and we're not fools
for not anticipating them 
compared to what
might have been anticipated
within the forest

it's okay
to admit
our convictions
our dogmas
our articles of faith
are really just choices
really just
sometimes educated
and sometimes

it's okay
if what bridges
to understanding
is constructed of rope
rather than steel

it's okay
even though it's less stable
it's also
far easier
to deconstruct
when need be

it's okay
probably better
cause conviction
implies truth
whereas choice
an educated guess
leaves room
for an acceptance of error
the main thing 
from which
we might 

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