Hairless Cat

Hairless Cat

in the twilight
of her life
she desperately wanted
a hairless cat
so she built
her anticipation
by waiting and researching
by saving and saving and saving
for the special breed

she should know
after a lifetime of errors
that a hairless cat
just cause it's different 
just cause it's ugly
it isn't gonna love her
any more
than any random stray

she should have learned
from all the other novelties
in all the other living things
she's anticipated and acquired
then discarded
that novelties
are never gonna give
what she needs most

but she's never learned
rejoicing in the temporary satisfaction
of that hairless cat
probably cause
she saved so much
and the anticipation was so high
that the buzz 
of achieving the goal
hasn't worn off yet

but once she learns
if she lives that long
there's nothing very special
about any hairless cat
that it's just as prone
to sickness and indifference
as any other

once she learns 
there's nothing different
besides the novelty
of its hairlessness
she'll find some excuse
for needing something else
some new novelty
to replace that hairless cat

she'll find some fault
another reason to abandon
the way it's always been
since her acquisitions
have always been about her
and never
any of her hairless cats

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