take a few packs 
of wildflower seeds
and scatter them
on a sunny piece of ground
in early spring

then go back
every few weeks
to see what grows
the surprise
of the beauty
the colors and scents
of whatever
brings to life

maybe sit
for a while
with a drink
with some music
and watch
the birds
the bees
the butterflies
and the blossoms

and enjoy
whatever grows
some are just annuals
and may not return
so consider
scattering more seeds
next year
with somebody
in mind

and enjoy
the beauty
this year and next
without taking credit
for the beauty
you helped
nature bring about
when you decided
to scatter
those seeds

and enjoy
without taking credit
for you
are the antithesis
of the beauty
that is everything
so let
everything be
its beautiful
leaving you
to simply
and maybe understand
maybe feel
its beauty
so someday
maybe you
can join in
the celebration too

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