21/90 Rule

21/90 Rule

according to
the 21/90 rule
it takes 21 days
to either build or break
a habit

at 90 days
that habit
having been built or broken
becomes lifestyle

bad habits
are easier
to build than break
cause they're generally 
not even built
they just grow
like a tumor
out of our weakness
or poor decisions

and that's the point
of building good
or breaking bad habits
and turning them into lifestyles
once they're lifestyle
they're something
that doesn't require
much effort
to abstain
or maintain
once the habit
is conditioned
to become
a part
of us

so don't it seem
that accepting
the bullshit
of false prophets
is like growing
a bad habit
especially when
we all know
their bullshit
is bullshit?

don't it seem
like the lies
of our politicians
as false prophets
are like the corny
advertisements of old
conning the dolts
of previous generations
their product is okay
since a doctor
kills himself
with it too?

a smidgen
of bullshit today
like the single cigarette
on day one
turned to a single cigarette
until it becomes habit
by day 21

by day 90 
it's lifestyle
something that's just 
another part of us
and then
whether it's one smoke
or a whole pack
who gives a shit?
cause now
it's just what we do
what we ever
have to think about

so be careful
of the bullshit
our false prophets
are conditioning us
to accept

cause a new lie
a little white lie
we accept
every day
for only 21 days
becomes a habit
of accepting lies
to the point
in 90 days
it's lifestyle
and then
it don't matter
whether it's a single lie
or cigarette
each day
or a whole fucking pack
of premium brand lies
sucked down every day
it won't matter
when it becomes
a lifestyle
which is to say
we just do
as a matter of conditioning
and without 

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