Crime of the Heart

Crime of the Heart

is it a crime
of the heart
perhaps of the soul
to want to be
so much more
than what i am
or what i might know
i'll ever be?

is it a crime
to want to be better
so i might fairly possess
something far better
than what i already possess
and deserve?

is it a crime
for your attention
your affection
to allow me to hope
allow me to believe
that maybe
i'm something better
than what 
i might have imagined?

is it a crime
wanting it so badly
needing it so badly
that i deceive us both
to what i should know
i really am?

is this deception
of both you and me
a criminal offense
or mere weakness
something punishable
by law
or something
easily forgiven?
knowing we're all prone
to plenty
of weaknesses
and self-deception
especially in our times
of greatest need

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