Bad Art

Bad Art

he's a terrible artist
but a virtuoso
of spreading dysfunction
anything on a canvas
whatever combination
of color
line and form
constitutes art
by definition

as such
by definition
his colored forms
brushed on canvas
are art
just like
what rembrandt 
and van gogh created:

you may say
rembrandt's is pleasant
while his is not
so he will say
is created
by the artist
by definition
artist and artist
are the same thing

so you may say
there's a difference
between good and bad art
making a difference
between artist and artist

so he will say
his is anti-art
and he
is the anti-artist
and that art
is as much about concept
as it is about aesthetics
making him
more like rembrandt
than any of the public
or the critics
or you
care to know

much of art is subjective
and can still be
objectively bad
and deceptive
just like people
objectively or subjectively
even though
all of us
most of the 
same things
within our frames

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