Death by a Thousand Cuts

Death by a Thousand Cuts

don't come here
talking for hours
about lots of things
i already know
cause each word
each sentence
each story
each second
each minute
each hour
of every opinion and belief
so easily reducible
to simple
common denominators
are already 
simple enough
to understood

so please 
don't come here
with your thousands
of words
honed and dull
cause each vacant syllable
is torture
by a thousand tiny cuts
that steadily
bleeds me to death

hour upon hour
of razored words 
forming sentences
sentences to the sharp edge
of another banal story
another vapid opinion
leaving more and more slits
in the gentle
coquettish assault
that is
by a thousand tiny cuts

in the beginning
i have the stamina
for defense
but each cut
each prick
from the thousands
of worthless words
the sedate hemorrhaging
over hours and hours
of another tale
told verbatim
for the hundredth time
it wrings the blood
through all the cuts
til i'm exhausted
sitting there
too weak for saying anything
the silence of the weary
yet a silence
never yours
while i pray
for the end
to bleed out

so please
don't come around
cause even
watching a monkey
is more entertaining
more provocative
than the very best fraction
of the noise
of your nothing

don't come around
tormenting and torturing
the sanctity of silence
with your thousands
of cutting
but worthless words
draining me
with a thousand tiny cuts
of a gore and horror
only i can feel 
and see

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