somebody told me
how they got surprised
by a couple of half-sisters
she never knew
she had

she seemed pleased
to be the center of attention
for a while
to the half-sister that cared
and less than pleased
at the other one who didn't
though she
didn't care enough
about the one who didn't care
to learn
anything about her

i pray
i never get a call
from a half-brother or sister
i never knew
cause it'll be 
terribly awkward
when they realize
just cause
we popped out the same hole
just cause one of the same people
that fucked somebody
to produce me
fucked somebody else
to produce
don't mean
i care
about any of it
since people
like a lot of other animals
all fuck around
a lot
with a lot
of the same consequences
and complications

it'd be awkward
i feel
when he realizes
none of it
means anything to me
that neither my DNA
nor his
means shit
to me
though i'll wish him
no ill will
i don't want
or need
and wouldn't have a clue
what to return
to someone
who never
meant anything
who meant absolutely nothing
to his

so i'll apologize
for not treating him
as something special
which i suppose
he is 
and should be
but won't be
at least not
to me
in order to be fair
i'm already
fully prepared
for the exact same thing
in return
if i was the one
to discover
a half-brother
i never knew
i'd probably
just leave the whole damned thing
to leave
well enough

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