Please, Call

Please, Call

if i loved you
and believed
you loved me
i might call

if i loved you
was unsure
if you loved me
i still 
might call
out of 
caring and concern
i love you

but i won't
being too unsure
if you love me
for me
to love you
very much
in return

if you loved me
as much as i wish
to be loved
you'd simply call
so i could know
how much you wish
to fulfill
my need
to feel loved
and that would be
the sign
i'd need
to participate 
for a while
until you fail
to call me
denying me again
the assurance
of your love and concern
i so desperately need
and deserve

if i loved myself
and wasn't sure
if you loved me as much
i'd wait
for you
to call
cause that's what i'd do:
call me
if i was you 
and you loved me
as much
as you should
and loved me
as much
as i wish
you would

if you want me to feel
as loved
and wanted
as i need to feel
then you'll
fulfilling my 
most desperate needs
and desires
with a little bit of your time
and a few
simple dials
with both of us pretending
for a little while
it'll ever
be enough

it's a farce
we both understand
but i can't apologize
since they're the only rules
i know
please, call
cause it's awfully silent
and i'm awfully sad
sitting here alone
with only me
loving me
waiting desperately
this damned telephone
that never rings
even though
it only works
for incoming

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