Steak Tartare

Steak Tartare

the fillers
of our lives
are like bread
or cracker crumbs
to an

since we're nothing more
but gotta be more
we glorify
or demonize
our fillers
demonizing and glorifying
the bread or cracker crumbs
demonizing and glorifying
fresh or powdered or flaked 
premium or generic fillers
our heroes and villains
our heritage
our religion or lack thereof
our cartoon politics
our chosen politicians
and the constitution
and the flag
today's lover
styles and genres
life and death
lines and lineages
as something special
when everybody in the goddamned world's
got one
but glorifying
to demonize theirs
and all the other things
mostly given
or chosen
without much thought
or effort
more acquired
like hair color
and most diseases

we gotta demonize
and glorify
the subtle differences
between our meatloaves
though none
of our substance
is more than 70% lean
and it's all
so cheaply extended
with bread or cracker crumbs
stretched so thin
there's noting else to do
but focus
on ourselves
for the meatloaves
we are
and aren't
instead of the 
steak tartare
we might be
but aren't
and never will

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