From Chimps

From Chimps

environmental stressors
of exponential growth
of evolution
or devolution
affecting ages
of biological
psychological change
in a tittle
of the same

trivial stressors
of our making
given the weight
of the most important
a synergy
evolving us
from chimps
to something greater
or devolving us
to something 
more natural
but base?

then what is this feeling?
what is this

the anxiety
of a chimp
being left behind
as the mass evolves?

the anxiety
of a chimp
along for the ride
on an unnerving
with an uncertain
somewhere on the line
of evolution?

or the anxiety
of a chimp
still a chimp
holding on
distraught and dismayed
as the troop
carelessly and frantically
along with the fabricated
of its making
following suit
devolving too
along with the chimp
into things
more natural
but savage
and base?

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