Soft or Savage?

Soft or Savage?

it's true
that a buggering
from our institutions
will always
be forced
upon us

is every form
of forced
undesirable sodomy
the same?

is the coerced
yet gentle 
buggery of the bedroom
that comes with music
sweet words
gentle kisses
and grease
a gentle buggery
that comes
once a month
is it the same
as the fisting
given the gimp
chained in the cold
blackened basement
a screaming
greaseless rape
forced upon 
the helpless gimp
every night?

any form
of assault
is immoral
and dehumanizing
but some forms
are more preferable to others
and maybe even
thinking about
maybe even
worth a word
from the voice
we're at least
especially when
there's no way
of ever escaping it
in some form
but a form
our tiny voices
might choose
as either
soft or savage

cause it seems
when the assailant
has the common courtesy to ask
how you want it to go
infrequent and gentle?
or frequent and brutal?
there's no recourse
for complaint
when you shrug
saying it don't matter
cause assault of any kind
is a gross

so when it comes
vicious and brutal
and frequent
leaving you ripped and bleeding today
with more ripping and bleeding 
with more torture and torment
coming tomorrow
you best keep quiet
cause you decided
with your indifference
that any form of assault
was just as good
for you and your kin
as any other

there's the artists
and intellectuals
who'll say
what ever the form
of the assault
it don't matter
cause assault
of any and all sorts
is unrighteous

these artists and intellectuals
upset at the gentle buggery
upset at their tender little buttholes
seeing no more
than the similarities
and differences
in the bedrooms
the sweet words
and the music
of gentle assaults
while failing to notice
or care
what it was like
for all the others
in their cold

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