her meme read
"get you some friends 
that pray for you,
not talk about you."

posting it
made her feel good
so good
she never stopped to think
that sometimes
a lot of the times
there's good enough reasons
for her friends
to talk

good reasons
like never stopping
to imagine
the reason
for their gossip
has most to do
with her
and her silly ways
made no different 
with or without
their gossip

good reason
for gossip
like her inclination
to blame others
rather than herself
when things
as they often do
with her

there is 
good reason
for gossip and scrutiny
cause sometimes
we are
truly are
the husband or wife
that doesn't deserve
the far better spouse
we found

we are
the bad ally
needing to be judged
by men and women
not gods
as not worthy
of the trust
and kindness
of the crowd
since what we affect
goes on down here
up there

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