Art of Intercourse

Art of Intercourse

it might be better
to be a lousy lay
and a limp fuck
who can't write very well
about being
a lousy lay

it might be better
being that limp fucker
and limp writer
than a virgin
who writes brilliantly
about fucking

it might be better
to have been
a sloppy drunk
with all the regrets
the pissed pants
and all the puke
and all the other

it might be better
being a sloppy drunk
who can't write
for shit
than being a teetotaler
that writes
about being a sloppy drunk

i think it is better
to have loved and lost
to have gone through
all the emotional mess
being both
and sublime
being both
and forever
the pigs and the angels
that love
proves both people to be

i think it's better
to have loved
and fucked
and lost

i think it's been better
to have fucked
in love
rather than
only paying for it

i get it
at the end of the day
sex is just sex
but that messy shit
that comes with love
and passion
seems much more
the stuff 
of living
twenty bucks
for a blowjob

i get too
there's something missing
when textbook
missionary sex
with a church mouse
is all you've ever known
compared to the gritty
20 dollar blowjob
from a hooker
with cigarette breath

it's probably better
to have lived
than only
created art

it might even
be best
to be a great fucker
a great drinker
and a great writer
than mediocre or poor
at any

but it's rare
that we get any
great fuckers
great drinkers 
and great writers
all wrapped up in one
but when we do
it's the golden ticket for us
and hopefully
for them 

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