she had a job
for a very long time
she was very good
at her job
which made her 
feel good
about herself
and her job

at her job
liked her
and depended on her
so when she finally
she imagined
things might be different
than they were
for everybody
who'd left
since she
had been
so gracious
so good
and devoted
to the job

she got old
so she left
to spend all her days
and nights
with her dogs
and pretty soon
from her old job
to see
how she
and her dogs

it saddened her
since she thought
all those people
really cared
about her and her dogs
that it was genuine
not just chit-chat
to help
pass the time
and ease the routine
of that job

is was a disappointment
to realize
really cared
about all her excitement
over the trials and travails
of her dogs
which were mostly
to anybody else
the eating
of the boring lives 
of canine leisure
but to her
lives of fascinating
and nuance

she never understood
their listening
their concern
their pretending to care
was the patronizing
of a lonely woman
with nothing but her job
and the petty dramas
of her dogs

it was a disappointment
to realize
she was as dispensable
as changeable
as all the outdated equipment
that had been updated
and replaced
in all her years
in that job

when she left
she should have known
she too
in a short time
be forgotten
cause that's was the way
it went
with everybody who left
in her 36 years
in that job

when she left
that job
she was left
with nothing else
but the memories
and her dogs
that had never 
given a shit
about the memories
the trials and travails
and petty dramas
of her job

so she began
to resent both
her dogs
and that old job
its satisfaction
with disappointment
for its lack 
of respect
in its memorial
to her

she never should have left
that job
but she had
36 years
to plan ahead
to prepare
for anything else
when the time came
to replace

but she didn't
so it's probably not
the fault of her dogs
that job
or the people
that forgot her so quickly

it was never
any fault
but her own
with a little time
to fix things
if she can just put aside
how much that job
and its people
betrayed her
after she left

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