Those Who Don’t Murder

Those Who Don’t Murder

a stutterer

an albino

a hermaphrodite

a midget

a doctor
who can't dance

a dog walker
whose mother
didn't love her

a pipefitter
who retired
later than his brother

a loser
born with teeth
as bad
as his ways
with women

the cheerleading coach
caught pilfering from her team
the football coach
her girls
scott free 

a banker
who lost it all
with another
whose wife
won it all back
on a scratch-off

a vegan
by a bull

a kid
whose parents
always skimped
on his lunch money

a barber
with arthritis

a grocery store clerk
whose husband
and her daughter
from her purse

a drunk
in a bar
making a false accusation
of his cigarettes
by another
just wanting to enjoy
another drink

a peon
training a manager
in the ways
of their business

a pitcher
near the end of his career
with a blister
on his throwing thumb

without enough money
without enough love
without enough caffeine
without enough sleep
without enough time
without enough dope
without enough god
without enough life
without enough death
without enough pussy
without enough music
without enough solitude
without enough strength
without enough courage
without enough attention
without enough company
without anywhere to go
with too many places to be
without enough freedom
not even knowing 
what to do with it
when any of it 

we get fucked
in a variety of ways
and we take it out
in various 
vindictive ways

so the question becomes
are there more
crimes against humanity
over the lifetimes
of the thousands
who don't murder
compared to the one
in all the thousands
who does?

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