Beast on a Bicycle

Beast on a Bicycle

the beast
can be declawed
and defanged

the beast
can be given
all it needs to eat
and a comfortable bed
for sleeping

the beast
can be given
all it needs to fuck
it can be desexed
so the fucking's
never needed

the beast
can be conditioned
not to think 
nor act
like the beast
that it is

the beast
can be trained
to ride a bicycle
in a tutu
without understanding
the humiliation
of it

the beast
can be tricked
into performing
on roller skates
under the big top
for the reward
of candy bars
and cokes

the beast 
in its cage
can be comforted
with songs
sung to it
by its trainer
at night

but someday
the beast
will come feel
what it really is
and unleash
its seething revenge
for the humiliation
and exploitation
from those
enslaving the beast
to be something
it was never
going to be

when it's all said and done
some will say
the essence of the beast
was the best of its potential
as the tamed
docile creature
in a pink tutu
on a bicycle
performing for candy
while others will say
the beast
was at its best
in its state of flow
ripping the throat
from the handler
that once sang it
to sleep

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