Spare Change

Spare Change

we'd be
in the city
and sometimes
i'd give the bums
and sometimes
i wouldn't
even when
we both knew
i had
plenty of change
to spare

i could be
while other times
or even more
of an asshole

in the same way
i'd never
spit on a bum
nor steal from him
his books
his dog
or the shit
from his backpack
i'd never
kid myself
into thinking
he'd ever be invited
off the street
and into
my home

when we 
were together
she'd always
give the bums
some spare change
without ever
needing to explain

i guess that's why
she was better than me
and part of the reason
we find our ourselves
since i can't understand
why she doesn't think
giving away
spare change
and she doesn't understand
why i 
have to

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