there's a guy
i know
who don't do anything
but ruminate

there's a guy 
i know
who don't do anything
but ruminate
in a room
which resembles
far more 
than solving
the mysteries
of the universe
or the self

he gets tired
of himself
so i suppose
he begins to wonder
how all 
his ruminations
might settle
with somebody else

so he calls me
and asks
if i'd like to meet
he suggests
a meal
at a place
neither of us
is much interested 
in eating
or a walk
neither of us
is all that much interested
in taking

i suggest other things
which he declines
with excuses
in favor
of walks
and meals
so tedious
that they 
leave us
with nothing
but him
and his exquisite 
so gingerly
if ever

but anything else
but tedium
might distract us
from his
so we remain stuck
with meals
neither of us wants
neither of us 
cares to take
or the nullifying
greater distance
between us
which i find best
since anything else
is better than him
as the subject
of the afternoon

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