Dress Up

she stood
with her whole foot
filling the tips
of her mother's
high heels

she stood
before the mirror
pink dressed and pouty
a little girl
in grandma's pearls
stretched down
to her knees
and her momma's
rouge and lipstick
all over 
her face

as a little girl
playing dress up
was the escape
into an adult
from the little girl
she was afraid

as an old woman
her old swollen feet
her mother's old heels
there's a similar game
of dress up
where her words
of love
and compassion
like the little girl
in mommy's earrings
and high heels
the gravitational force
of all planets
around her
instead of her
among them

a game of dress up
of all her shortcomings
and vices
prettied up
into virtues
the little girl
in her momma's makeup
still escaping
what she is
with a more refined version
of the very same
except now
her delusions
in the mirrors
of all of us

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