in my youth
my recklessness
gave me the daughter
i wasn't 
prepared for

but surprisingly
the motherhood
i wasn't prepared for
changed me
for the better
as the daughter
i hadn't planned for
gave me
a sense
of meaning
and purpose
my recklessness
into responsibility

my recklessness
a blessing
giving me the daughter
i loved
and the darling
little child
who loved me
in return

my child
is grown and gone
leaving me abandoned
with nothing else
but the recklessness
i've re-adopted
to fill the space

all alone
with my cherished
that i hope and pray
hasn't forsaken me
and will someday surrender
a similar reward
as before

for now
i'm by myself
and pilled
to the gills
and victimized
and cheated
by the daughter
and the recklessness
that one time
had so justly and kindly
rewarded me
so well

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