you are not
a priest
trained in the art
of exorcism

you know nothing
of exorcism
so forget
trying to expel
any of the demons
of other people's 

you are not trained
in the art
of exorcism
so you're as likely
to build a bridge
between their deceptions and yours
in any attempt
at exorcising
of their demons

just examine
how difficult
exorcism is
as it's nearly impossible
to practice it
on ourselves
so why should we think
we'll have better results
practicing it
on anyone 

you are not
a priestly
so save
the holy water
the incense
and the prayers
for yourself

you are not
an exorcist
or any other hero
you are only a fool
you have any more
to offer
in any more truths
than the comforts
their demons

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