In Death

i know
my death
is imminent
the doctors say
it's only
a matter
of months

so i look ahead
on the calendar
and the net
to see
who else died
in the coming months

i was born
on may 1
the same day
as country singer
tim mcgraw

i think
the reason
nobody remembers
my birthday
is cause
it's hard
to be remembered
through somebody 
like tim mcgraw

if i'd been born
a day later
i'd have hit
the jackpot
sharing my birthday
with dwayne "the rock" johnson
and david beckham

but i got cheated
with tim mcgraw
and some instagram
and bollywood stars
that nobody 
of my generation
knows much about
which must be the reason
i'm not remembered
and nobody seems to care
too much about me
on my birthday

so i'm praying
i can hold out
and my death
on a really good day
like august 16
the day
elvis presley died
instead of
whatever day
elvis costello's
gonna die
that way
i might
at least
be remembered
in death
far more
than i was 
ever remembered
for my 

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