Butterflies & Ants

Butterflies & Ants

every day
he pisses 
in a saucer 
and places it 
in the summer sun
on a little pedestal
in front
of his window

he sits
every day
and watches
through the window
as his waste
in the summer sun
to attract
mother nature's
and ants
to feast
upon it

he is
quite pleased
that even his waste
so much
of nature's
and attention
without realizing
it isn't him
it's just the salt
and sugar
in his piss
that attracts
the butterflies
and ants
that keep him
at the window

so transfixed
at the end of the day
he can tell you
all about his piss
its color
and clarity
but nothing
about the day
if it was breezy or calm
cloudy or clear
and nothing
about the size
or colors
of any
of the butterflies
or ants
he's seen

so transfixed
by the saucer
out in the sun
he doesn't notice
the daytime
growing shorter
so he hasn't 
and won't
what to do
at the window
when all the ants
stay underground
and all the butterflies
flutter south

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