Lying with the Dead

Lying with the Dead

i've thought
about lying
with the dead
but i'm not
or otherwise
so it might
come off
as lame

i've imagined
lying on a grave
with my ear
to the ground
to listen
if the dead
would have
anything to say
about our living
to their
being dead

as i've visited
the old cemetery
i've imagined
as a goth girl
lying down
on an old grave
with the dead

it makes me 
not of corpses
or ghosts
of whatever
the dead have to say
since it must be
awfully seductive
so many
who've conversed
with the dead
and never left
the grave

i can't help but wonder
if the message
of the dead
is to be dead
even in life

there's wisdom
in such advice
but it always seems
there's things
to be done
that should probably
be done
more important
more interesting
than lying
with the dead

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