In the Big Leagues

In the Big Leagues

i got called up
to the big leagues
but i never
made it
in the big leagues

i got called up
from AAA
for a few games
at the end
of the season
to see
how i'd fare
in the big leagues

in the time
i was there
i batted .134
so i got 
sent back down
never to return
to the big leagues

guys today
i was never very good
a handful of games
with an average 
of .134
in the big leagues

it's true
i never made it
in the big leagues
but for me
it's good enough
to have
been there
even though
there's no proof
in a team
publicity photo
or a baseball card
to show
i got
to the big leagues

it's okay
being a failure
in the big leagues
cause in the spring
i toss a ball
with my boy
who loves baseball too
even though
he knows
cause i tell him
there's little chance
like all the rest
will ever 
make it
to the big leagues

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