Don’t Gamble

Don’t Gamble

My advice to you is: don’t gamble.

Don’t gamble cause the odds are you’re going to lose.

Odds are, if you gamble, you’re gonna waste your money.

Odds are, if you gamble, you’re gonna be more broke than you need to be.

So take my advice and don’t gamble.

Never mind that I’m broke. At least I get through the month without having to beg or borrow, even though, at the end, I’m penniless. At least I didn’t have to beg or borrow. At least I make it to an end.

Unlike the no-good gambler, I have goals and aspirations. I have a real desire and goal which I execute. My aim is to make it through the month without having to beg or borrow.

Never mind my own poverty. Just listen to me cause I’m smart and I know what I’m saying.

I repeat. Don’t gamble.

And don’t take notice of what I’m doing that keeps me poor.

Just heed my advice and don’t gamble.

There’s wisdom in what I’m saying, damnit. I am a wise and disciplined man, unlike the degenerate gambler.

Waste my money on women and booze? Is it any better than wasting it on cards and horses?

Never mind that. I’m a wise man and I’m telling you: don’t gamble.

Don’t tell me I’m a fool for wasting my money on women and booze. Who the fuck are you to tell me anything since you’re far from perfect with your money. I bet you waste your money too, that’s why I’m giving you this advice.

So, whatever you do, don’t be an idiot and waste all your money on gambling. Be smart and disciplined like me and waste most of it – but not all – on women and booze.

2 thoughts on “Don’t Gamble

    1. exactly. point being if one guy loses 110% of his income on gambling and the other only loses 95% of his on women and booze…..well, they’re fundamentally more alike than different. but a fool needs to the conflate the foolishness of his fellows in order for there to be separation when, in truth, there’s hardly any. this is how the fool remains what he is, by comparison to his fellows instead of anything else. thank you for the read and comment, sir. hope to read more from you even though baseball season’s over.


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