Glue Factory

Glue Factory

Keep telling yourself, “I’m not ready for the glue factory. Not yet.”

Have reasons to live. Give yourself reasons to live.

Have a better reason for living than just bitching about how hard it is to live.

Have reasons for getting out of bed every day.

Have real reasons – not petty, made-up reasons.

Let your reasons have substance.

More substance than, “My reason for getting out of bed is to take a shit. And it’s people like me taking shits that keep all the workers in the toilet paper factories employed.”

Let your cause be more noble than taking a shit for the sake of others. Don’t jack-off your conscience that way. It may be tempting. It may feel great. But it’s ignoble. It’s debasing. It’s obnoxiously lazy and disgusting to anyone not equally lazy and disgusting.

Don’t be that asshole. Give yourself real reasons for living, since there are real reasons for living.

Don’t be that asshole. Don’t be that cunt. Don’t be that coward.

Don’t be that cuck to the hardships and disappointments of living.

Don’t give yourself over to the glue factory before it’s time.

Maybe you’ve lost a step. Still, you’re far from ready for the glue factory, regardless of what others who’ve lost a step say.

Pull against those forces leading you to the glue factory.

Bite them. Stomp them. Buck them. Kick them in the teeth or the head, if necessary.

Don’t let them take you to the glue factory before it’s time. Don’t let their sugar cubes, carrots and blinders lead you to a premature doom.

And, especially, don’t listen to all the rest being led to the glue factory. Don’t listen to what they say about the sugar cubes and carrots. Don’t listen, because they know nothing else but how to be led.

Don’t listen because once you believe you’re of no use except to the glue factory, that’s what you become.

Don’t heed their advice because it only justifies what they’ve decided to be.

And when they tell you they’ve lost 5 steps, keep in mind how you’ve lost only 1. Understand the difference and know its importance. But, unlike them, don’t talk about it. Keep it inside as something precious to hold.

But don’t talk about it because it leads to resentment. Don’t speak of agency. Instead, let them wallow in the warm muck of their beliefs of being pitiable victims of circumstance.

Don’t be a cunt or cuck making excuses for your fat, stupid, lazy and dreadfully misspent life of sugar cubes and carrots.

You don’t need to conquer the world. Just recognize it.

Just do something more than make excuses for your apathy.

Do anything else.

Cause any of it’s better than waiting out your time in the glue factory.

So do a little something every day to flip the finger at the glue factory. Do a little something every day to tell it to, “Fuck off.”

Smell something.

See something.

Hear something.

Feel something.

Otherwise, the sights and scents of death and decay inside the glue factory become the norm. They become everything you’re accustomed to, until you’ve forgotten about anything and everything that exists outside.

Or, even worse, until you no longer care.

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