Cincy Craigslist: Rants and Raves 8.28.18

*I posted the following in Cincinnati Craigslist’s Rants and Raves on 8.28.18. It was flagged and removed from Craigslist within hours for breach of community standards. I’m reposting the content here as a public service.*


off-brand underwear at Gabe’s/Gabriel Bro.’s don’t buy!!!!!  (mrobins71/The White Voice)


I bought a pack of Dunlop briefs at Gabe’s a while back and they don’t fit worth a fuck. It’s like they weren’t even designed for a human. Maybe they were designed for the ass-end of a centaur but not a person. I even tried putting them on backwards and there was absolutely no comfort. The material’s nice but the fit’s the shits. I’d take them back but they’re already a little bit stained. And, yes, I get the irony of skid tracks in Dunlop underwears.
Dunlop may make good tires but they make shitty underwears. I think they should just stick to tires and stay out of the undergarment business.
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