Spirituality Between A and B


A: “When you speak of spirituality I don’t know if I know what that means exactly.”

B: “How can you not know what spirituality is?”

A: “Well….I mean…..is it just like….a feeling?”

B: “I guess so.”

A: “But we have a lot of feelings. What distinguishes it from another?”

B: “It motivates me to do good.”

A thinks how shame and regret and disappointment have all motivated him toward good. But he ask instead, “How?”

B: “By connecting me with something higher than myself.”

A: “But I can argue that I’m connected to something higher…or at least something other than myself too.”

B: “Like what?”

A: “A six pack of beer or my XBox.”

B: “But they don’t make you a better person.”

A: “How does Jesus make you a better person?”

B: “I love my husband and kids.”

A: “So do I. I even give better gifts than you at Christmas.”

B: “Now you’re just being facetious.”

A: “No. I’m being serious. So I don’t take a casserole anywhere on most Sundays. I play XBox and drink beer as much as you read the Bible. But, qualitatively and quantitatively we’re roughly equivalent in terms of being decent.”

B remains silent.

A: “And I hardly regard my XBox or Wiedemann as anything spiritual, though they get me through the day about as well as your Jesus.”

Things between A and B remained awkward for a long time after that.

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