Pizza Patriotism Chapter 2: The Backlash


“Next time you buy a dozen pizzas and set them on fire, get a video of it. Anybody can say they set something on fire but if you have no proof it’s just all hear say.”


Re: Pizza Hut…

“Really? You’d choose a pizza based on whether they advertise NFL games? Why not go back to Papa Johns? I imagine there’s a whole lot of other products that you won’t be buying. Did you burn your Nikes too? Maybe the NFL died in your mind but it’s alive and well. It’s amazing the loyalty that the trumpidiots will go to to praise their orange headed god. Do you really think all pizzas are the same? Domino’s? Barf. Good luck keeping it down.”

Pizza Hut Chapter 2: #pizzapatriotism #pizzapatriot (mrobins71 – Pizza Patriot)



you asked, “Why not go back to Papa Johns?”

Because all pizza’s not the same – ethically, politically or in terms of taste/quality. Yeah, Papa J’s used to have some slogan about quality ingredients, but it’s also about moral and patriotic quality. You must be some kinda libtard to not understand that.

Need proof that there’s more to pizza puchasing and consumption than cost and the quality of crust and cheese and sauce? I got one word for ya:


And tell me if Papa J don’t look like some creepy, raven-haired pizza pie pedo!!!! And don’t you know, it’s as easy to seduce children with pizza as it is candy?

I can see you object to my #pizzapatriot movement. Fine. Stick with your #blacklivesmatter or #metoo and leave the real Americans to fight for the real social causes.

Please copy and share on Facebook/Twitter/Tinder/Yelp before the CL bot nazis or SJW snowflakes or globalists flag and delete this post. We will not be silenced!!!!

#pizzapatriots #pizzapatriotism #strombolifreedom



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