Hangovers and Heartache

like a country and western song
     the world's tough love
          is hangovers and heartache
both making you feel like shit
     from which you learn
          and bounce back
               or you don't
you can hate the booze
     for fear of what it might make you do
              and its trade-off of 
                   the pleasure of now
                         in equal measure to the misery
                              of later
         of course
                like anything else
                    like playing with fire
                        you're gonna get burned
but there's at least two things to learn:
     fire's bad
           or you gotta be careful with fire
                 that it's not for play
                        like booze
                             like love
so don't hate 'em
     just learn to be careful
           and try to learn
                from the lessons they're trying to teach
and let the world's tough love
     be the love you give yourself
or don't
     trade it in for the gospel if you like
          or whatever else floats your boat
but mine floats on beer sometimes
     and love 
          and lust 
               in the flesh
          not anywhere else

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