Detective Vs. Lawyer

A good detective (aka gumshoe) has to be smart, just like a good lawyer (aka shyster) has to be smart too.

But a good detective has a very different aim than a good lawyer. You might not think so since they’re both on the side of the law but they’re very different since law and justice are two different things.

See, the good detective aims at getting to the truth whereas the good lawyer aims to outwit his opponent by exploiting the law in his client’s favor.

There’s people who are smart. Some are like the good detective. Others are like the good lawyer who just wants to outwit you and waste your time with all his fancy rhetorical shenanigans. The latter you’ll find all over the place: bars, libraries, poetry slams, cafeterias, holiday dinner tables and just about everywhere online.

Intellectuals have a penchant for that sorta bullshit and so do artists. There’s the artists that seek or try to reveal truths (at least their subjective truths so far as they can understand them) and there’s the bullshit artists who cleverly exploit sentiment and popular movements for gain.

I got nothing else to say about it. Just be careful and aware of who you’re dealing with cause your time and attention ought to be precious. Don’t waste your time on their bullshit and, for that matter, don’t waste your time on my bullshit either. That’s why I kept this one short.

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