Gift of Gab

Gift of Gab

you do not possess
     the gift of gab
          i assure you
               especially if you are the one
                    who believes he does
it is not you
     with that gift
it is you
     whose gab
          is my plague
     your gift
          the gift of syphilis
               from a lover
          the gift of crabs
               from a toilet seat
          the gift of blisters
               from a new pair of shoes
          the gift of nothing
               inside a donut
                    that should be filled
                         with jelly
your gab
     worse than the advances
          of an ugly woman
               ugly of body
                   or shit-stained soul
     so ugly or course
          that no one wants to fuck
               for very good reason
     the one with the gift
          of blisters and venereal disease
               who calls and invites
                    then cries
                        when none of it's accepted
                             or returned
so please
     keep your boring gift
          that to me
               is a lump of coal
          on Christmas
     and every other day
keep it
     for it is endlessly dull and stupid
          and leave me alone
               in all the places i try being alone
                    which is most everywhere
keep it
     there's no need of convincing me
          that your stupid ways of seeing things
               need to be mine
               convince yourself with as much enthusiasm
                    as you try convincing me
               convince yourself that I don't need it
          convince yourself that maybe it's you
               who needs convincing
                    that your ways of seeing things
                         need to change
thank you
     but just because i'm alone
               in my house
          at the bar
               or the theater
                    or the game
               doesn't mean i'm empty
     for i'm more likely to feel empty around you
               a mouthy display thing
                    imposing yourself next to me
                         like a museum piece
                              of the emptiness that we are
     so leave me be
          to feel less alone
              than with you around
          just leave me alone
               because i need my time
                    without you
for what am i to you anyway?
     some glimmer of hope
          that someone will see more in your gab
               than the dullness that everyone else feels?
maybe that's it
     the reason for much of our separation and estrangements
          is the gifted ones
               the ones most dull and imposing
          who we think
               are the standard
                    for everyone's dullness
maybe it's not us who are so selfish
     that we cannot connect
          perhaps it's the one
               with his odious gift of gab
                    who steals the pleasure of simple
                        easy conversation
                             from the rest of us
               by being the jug of rancid milk
                    that keeps us weary and sniffing 
                                       all the other jugs
               until we begin to feel comfortable 
                     maybe they don't all need sniffing anymore
               until the one 
                    with his gift of gab
                          comes round
                               spoiling it all again
stealing our pleasures
     with the gab of his politics
          god or not god
               batting averages
                    the sunday night movie
                         wilderness men
                              the least known signs of arthritis
                         the most frequently paused movie scenes
                              the best months to buy a car
                         which celebrities we've lost this year
                                   and where and when and why
                                       he knows any of it
                                  and why he cares so much
                                       about it all
tiresome and tedious shit
     that might be more interesting
               from one without his gift of gab
          one who allows a simple question
               to be answered simply
     a simple question
          returned with a single answer
               instead of ten
          or a statement deserving a sentence
               delivered as such
          instead of 3 paragraphs
               mostly about nothing
                    except the boring and useless knowing
               inside the mind
                    of the one gifted with gab
i understand
     that it's hard to understand
          that the world around us
               at any given moment
                    is filled with things
                         far more interesting
                              than you
i understand
     that things are hard to understand
          with the shit you wish to lay on me
               being laid on yourself
                    without end
                         as relentlessly as you'd love
                             laying it on us
                                       and without end
i almost feel sorry for you
     for tormenting yourself
         in your ways
              of wanting to torment
     but still               
          leave me alone
               and i'll leave you alone
                    knowing i don't possess the gift either
                         the true gift of gab
                    neither spoken nor written
                         so i'll shut up too
                              and end it here

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