Monsters, Molyneux and Chomsky

Monsters, Molyneux and Chomsky

i awaited the next crisis
just to see
what those
who give us answers
to the reasons for our crises
would have to say

the crisis came
as it always does
this one
the monsters
coming from space
from the depths of our oceans
the deepest crevices of our soil
coming to the surface
creating chaos and destruction

so i went to the ones
that we turn to for answers
the first one
who said the reason
for godzilla
and king hidorah's anger
the ultimate cause
of all the destruction
lay at the feet
of western imperialism
free markets
and our environmental

it was strange
these reasons
the same reasons
for all the other
and crises 
according to the old

so i turned to a new philosopher
a younger one
who too
seemed to have the answers
to everything
to every crisis
who explained
the reason for the monsters' attacks
the reason for all of the devastation
fell on women
their fragility
their abuses
their frivolities
them distracting the rest
from full preparedness
for the attack
of the monsters
when it came

and if that wasn't enough
from the great philosopher
we can reduce this crisis
like all the others
down to communists
or race
the races of both men
and monsters
the strife between them
the same as between us
the necessary strife
and destruction
when things mix
that ought not

they give us
three course meals
of reasons and excuses
cause all that sounds better
or makes the philosopher's
more palatable
by being more robust
than just blaming
either women
or race 

and the other philosopher
the old one
when he can't blame it on howard roark
he has a couple of other cards
to play
since more villains than one
always makes
for a more robust
more exciting 
more complex 
than having just one

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