Red Light – Green Light

Red Light – Green Light

when i get off the highway
late at night
driving home from my job
i always get struck
at the same red light
at exit 3

from down the highway
i can see
it's already red
but when it's not
it predictably
won't stay green
long enough
for me to get there
up the exit ramp
and make it through

it's a long red light
it's a short
green light too
making me curse
both inside and out
at its length
on red
feeling like a lifetime
when i just wanna get home
and there's no reason
for sitting there
that goddamned long
when there's never
anybody else 

by my calculation
that red light
had to be long
cause i always got stuck
cause if the green light
that it changed to
was just as long
by calculation
i ought to be getting stuck
just half the time
instead of

so one night
as i approached
and the light turned to red
i pulled out my phone
and timed it
turns out
the light
was only red
for about
a full minute

so now
when i hit that light
knowing it's only a minute
i'm less angry
and the time
just sitting there
with nobody else around
even seems
but it still doesn't explain
why i continue
hitting that red light
more often than not
cause the green light
going the other way
isn't any shorter

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