Ode to the Jesters

Ode to the Jesters

like time
and distance
perhaps a catastrophe
makes the heart
grow fonder

our jesters
but not forgotten
in times of old
giving us cheer
and merriment
with dancing
and signs
on street corners
in costumes
of lady liberty
or animals
or not
putting himself
out there
as he is
bravely naked
in his glorious abandon
to peddle whatever shit
tax services
closeout furniture
a free month's rent
peddling the shit he has to
but also
putting a smile on our faces
that some of us
could sure use now

for now 
should be
your time of glory
our dear
sidewalk jesters
i'm afraid
we took you for granted 
in our times of plenty
but should you
break your chains
to apply your public craft
in our time of need
you'll be seen
as the biggest heroes
of all

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