Ark Encounter

Ark Encounter

we're supposed to be in lockdown
supposed to be just the essentials
like me
out on the street
going anywhere
outside their homes
unless it's

i'm essential
driving to my essential job
noticing for a while now
the creation museum
i pass every day
has dozens of cars
in its lot
the order

i know they're not essential
all the other museums
and other entertainments
shut down
so it pisses me off
stealing the shine
of us
the essentials

i consider
calling the cops
and demanding
to know
what the fuck 
they're doing in there
deserving to know
what's so essential
about them

i told a friend
who says
they got that ark
as part of the attraction
they're probably getting it ready
for the next episode
in this season
of crisis

and that makes sense
so instead of making enemies
by calling the cops
think i'll swing by
and offer my services
or supplies
see if there's room
for somebody else
to step on board
just in case

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